The Titanium UX Library


This project is under active development and its actual status is in alpha or “preview” phase. Some parts can drastically change in short term. Use under your own risk. Bug reports, pull requests and any kind of collaboration are welcome.


The Titanium UX Library project arises to solve some common UX patterns that we use in our apps every day with Titanium Alloy.

The added value of this project is that each template and component is the result of a collaboration between an UX expert and a Titanium developer, and improved with cool designs done by pro apps designers.

The result is a collection of Templates with all the sources (mock up files for Omni-Graffle, designs in Illustrator and code in Titanium Alloy).

Regarding the code, the project now includes 3 templates with more than 20 reusable and customizable widgets of all kinds.

We are doing a big effort in creating useful widgets, with performance in mind and specially high integration with Alloy, so they can be added to your xml files and 100% customizables from style files.

Find more info about ux mobile patterns in our website www.uxmobilepatterns.com or contact us by twitter at @jrayon and @sonianoneka

Multiplatform Support

The project has been developed and fully works on iPhone. Although the UX has been designed with iPhone users in mind, most components also work on android and our intention is to give full support to get the templates and widgets working in both platforms.


Dreamed up by Sonia Villanueva and Javier Rayon in 2014.

UX strategy and mock-ups by Sonia

Titanium code and documentation by Javier

Themes designs and extra energy push by Mai Berreando. She has contributed with some of the coolest designs we have seen, among some beautiful cactus. ;)

We use the incredible work and technology done by:

Orignal FontAwesome Titanium module by Kosuke Isobe


All parts of this project are fully open source and is GPL friendly. You can use it for commercial projects, open source projects, or really just about whatever you want.

Attribution is not required, but appreciated. Among anything else, we will love to know how this project may help you.