We provide two basic themes to be used as a quick start for your own alloy theme. They include all the templates and widgets styles in one long app.tss files, so you can customize most parts of your app just from this file. All the styles are defined in a separated TSS Alloy style file for easy and fast customization. Now the themes available are default and dark.

And, as we use Font Awesome for the icons, you won’t have to edit any icon bitmap. Just set the iconColor property to your desired color code and it’s done!

Default theme:

Default theme

Dark theme:

Dark theme

Be sure to set up the desired theme in your config.json file.


Among this basic themes, we are working in some new cool themes based on professional designs.

Mai has designed a fake app based on famous electronic culture festival Sonar. Thought out to be used by night, this template is a good example of the level of customization of our templates. We are working in its adaptation to Alloy and will be available very soon.

Sonar by night (Design by Mai Berraondo)

Want to collaborate?

If you are a designer and want to see your designs converted to Alloy Themes, please contact us by twitter